About Us

Ganymede Photo Studio utilize images as an innovative technology to increase your product value, opening a new confine for any kind of products and services. 
Our mission is to connect creative professionals with the best photos, vectors, illustrations and video from thousands of contributors.Photo shoot have a widerange of applications, they will involve  in any single marketing plan,seasonal events,even big days in personal lifes.It's a communication bridge for supplier and customers,It's a objective documentary for the news reporter. Therefore,We value our duty and your business privacy. 

We Offer

Along with a talented group of associate media and designers are committed to creating unique and innovative era for your business. And we are passionate in creating distinctively photographic.

Studio & Facilities

Ganymede Photo Studio is set within a location that screams character. Ganymede is not simply a lifeless white walled square but boast the high ceilings, exposed brickwork and spacious shooting dimensions of a converted railway arch.

Functional and reasonable rental to allow you to deliver top quality results within tight timeline.

Studio available for hire with dedicated studio and separate client area that can also be used for shoots. With a large, open plan space and experienced and friendly staff, the company is able to offer a professional and well thought out shooting experience to both professionals and emerging photographers.

Facilities include:

Make up room (seating for 4) 
Clients area (seating for 10) 
Private client only area (seating for 7) 
Tethered shooting
CD burning facilities available
Free Tea and Coffee
Car park area
Large selection of Bowens lighting
Softboxes, brollies etc
feature areas and props
Our Own WC facilities

Using Format